Does Marriage Counselling Really Help To Save a Marriage?

Married Couples should have the right to a rich and satisfying married life but sometimes things do go wrong somewhere along the line and then the services of a qualified marriage counselor may be required to help them to understand their problems and get their marriage back on a firm footing again.

There are quite a lot of reasons why married couples have to seek marriage counseling. Human nature being as complex as it is means that there are endless psychological permutations between two different people and when problems in their marriage occur it can be very difficult to handle the varying emotions and outlooks of the two people involved.

The vast majority of marriages are confronted with difficulties at some point and it is sad to note that a large percentage are so crippled by them that they end ignominiously in the divorce court.

Marriage counseling can be fairly effective in a lot of cases and can often save a marriage from falling apart but some marriages are so beyond help that they cannot be saved despite the best efforts of a marriage counselor. A marriage is simply a partnership when all is said and done, and for it to be saved requires that both partners do sincerely want the marriage to survive otherwise there is very little point in trying to save it.

Sadly, marriage counseling is usually sought only when the marriage is in crisis and it could have taken many years to reach that stage. Many married couples have managed to keep their problems bottled-up inside but eventually there is a spark which makes these problems burst into life and forces the couple to realise that immediate action must be taken to stop the marriage from finishing up in the divorce court. That is when the services of a qualified marriage counselor may be needed to save the marriage.

Usually, both husband and wife attend a number of counseling sessions together to discuss specific issues concerning their marriage. The marriage counselor will try to help them to understand their problem and then he or she will work with them to find a solution to the problem.

Research into marriage counselling has indicated that it can have a beneficial effect on the mental and physical health of an individual and can improve the relationship between a married couple.

Just going to a marriage counselor, however,  is no guarantee that things are going to work out fine because nobody can make two people in conflict get along together unless there are some changes made in the attitude of at least one, if not both, of the two people involved. No marriage can be rescued if the couple fail to open their minds and realise that they may be partly to blame for the marriage breakdown.

In the final analysis, like anything worth having in life, it usually takes constant attention to keep something running smoothly and marriages are similar in that respect. Remember this and you should never have to see a marriage counselor.

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