Top 10 Golden Rules of Online Dating

Online dating is one of the most simple ways to meet people from various backgrounds. Before you rush into the world of free dating sites make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of success and use these guidelines in order to have a fabulous online dating experience.

1. Knowing who you are. Know within yourself what your goals are. Make sure your dating profile is very specific regarding the type of person you’d love to meet. This saves everyone time and you’re less likely to meet the wrong person.

2. Seek advice. Advice from someone who has had experience with certain dating sites is the best possible means to locate the best dating sites. Ask your friends which sites have a great mix of people or which sites include chat rooms for a more interactive user experience.

3. Take it slowly. You’ll be far better equipped if you research the whole online dating concept. Researching anything new always brings better results in the long run.

4. Just be honest – it works! Your online dating profile is the gateway into your own domain. The most crucial aspect of this component is to be truthful about your appearance, employment prospects and lifestyle. By misleading your potential date, you are both more than likely going to walk away disappointed, embarrassed or rejected.

5. Prioritize. Don’t make the mistake of initiating contact with too many people too soon, you’ll just lose track of who you’ve been chatting to. Be selective when initiating contact, and always make the effort to make personalized comments regarding their dating profile.

6. Online dating – not for the gullible. Fraud members are part and parcel of dating online. It’s crucial that you take steps to 100% verify someone’s true identity before trusting them. Always be wary if someone asks you for help or money.

7. Brush up on your chat room manners. Live chat is a great way to connect instantly with single guys and girls. However don’t make the mistake of trying to over run the chat session and don’t think it’s okay to start mouthing off inappropriate comments just because no one can physically see you. Start off low key and polite.

8. Value For Money. Compared to conventional singles and dating options such as a pub-crawl or visiting seedy late night bars, online dating sites give you a big bang for your bucks.

9. Strike while the iron’s hot. It’s a good idea to keep in touch with your messages and replies. When you become unavailable for too long, the guy or girl trying to contact you will start looking elsewhere.

10. Safety first. The first few dates with someone should always take place in a public venue. Have a back up plan in case things go wrong, and always let someone know where you’ve gone.

Happy dating!

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