Relationship-How to Avoid Broken Friendship

No! No! It has happened again. Damn it, another broken friendship to nurse! What is wrong with me? But I could control my anger. It is barely six months before I had a conflict with Wendy and we called it quits. What is the reason why I can’t get along with my buddies? This really hurts me.

This is the scenario that most of us find ourselves in. Breaking up with a long time friend whom you cherished and treasured so much can really hurt you. You miss her and every time you’re bored and lonely you wish she could be there. You keep on recalling the good moments and fun you had together.

Do you know that words are powerful things? They may make a person to cherish, treasure or hate you forever. So, watch the words you utter from your mouth. They have ruined many friendships. Don’t use words that criticize your friends. There is no single person who would stand criticism. This is because it kills worthiness and effectiveness of an individual. It always ends in futility.

Don’t be fond of arguing with your friends. This leads to a broken friendship. No one would like to befriend someone who argues every time and about almost everything. Make a habit of being a good listener. An argument with your friends has no winner.

Why? This is because the way you are convinced that you are absolutely right is the same way your friends are convinced that they are also absolutely right. Try to understand their point of view of understanding things. Simply be tactful when it comes to arguments.

Appreciate your friends and this makes them to realize how important they are. They are human beings and being so, they value friends who make them feel important. You can do this by using simple ways such as inviting them when you have important functions, solving their problems, sending them friendship cards and quotes etc.

Pay attention when they speak. All I mean is that you should always be a good listener. Find out what they like doing or passionate about and then question them about it. You will be amazed how they will talk nonstop. Of course, any human being is proud of his passion and achievements. In short, encourage your friends to talk by engaging them on what they value most in their lives.

Don’t turn down your friend’s invitation every now and again. Accept their invitation graciously. However, sometimes you may not be able to attend because of unavoidable circumstances. In such circumstances, call them. Tell them that you would love to attend but you’re not sure. You are doing this because you don’t want them to think that you’re purposely choosing not to attend.

In conclusion, make use of William James quote, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” And this quote is similar to what Jesus said “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

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