Traditions and patterns of Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are not like other bracelets which are worn as a fashion accessory. These bracelets are special bracelets which are given from one to another as a sign of companionship. These are available in markets in readymade shape and are generally handmade. Mostly the material used in their making is embroidery floss and thread. Metallic styles are also accessible. These bracelets are offered in a range of styles and patterns, but most are based on half-hitch knot.

In Central America there is tradition that a recipient of the friendship bracelet must wear it until the strings wear out and it falls naturally. The idea behind this tradition was that the friend paid for it from his hard earnings and love that made it and the recipient pays back the friend by honoring the work. And if it falls physically it means the friend ship has gone bitter. Another belief about friendship bracelet is that the recipient is allowed a wish and when the bracelet falls naturally this wish will become true.

There are different patterns which are used to make friendship bracelets. The quantity of thread can differ. For instance, a double chain knot, involves two strings. The candy-stripe can have three to forty strings according to the pattern and thickness. Because of their adaptability both men and women of all ages use to wear it. Vibrant color bracelets are mainly popular in pre-teen and teen age girls and thick bracelets are usually worn by surfers.

The names of the friendship bracelet patterns vary from place to place but they are fairly similar. Bordered Chevron, Broken Ladder (a combination of a Chinese Staircase and a Chevron), Candy-stripe, Chevron, Chinese Staircase or Swirl, Diagonal 3’s, Double-chain Knot, Rag Rug, Swirl Braids (a combination of a Braid and Chinese Staircase), Totem Pole, braid, Big Bad and The Cat’s Tongue (a combination of braid and Broken ladder) are the names of patterns which are most commonly used in all over the world.

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