Forever Friendship

Jane and June were good friends. They made acquaintance with each other at the first day when they went to middle school. They had common interests, common pursuits and common dreams. They often chatted with each other talking about interesting things that had happened around them. They studied together and played together. Their friendship was envied by many people.  They were very happy because they had spent a good time in their middle school. If possible, they would like to stay in their middle school forever.
However, time flies. Their happy time would end. They were admitted to two different colleges. The two colleges were their ideal goals. They should have been very satisfied but they didn’t feel happy. They must be separated from each other. When they referred to their separation, they would feel very upset. One day they made an appointment to go shopping. They decided to buy a present for each other. They hoped that they could own a same thing which represented their forever friendship.
They took a long time to find this meaningful thing but it was so difficult. They would almost give up. When they passed a shop’s window, they were attracted by a necklace. It was so nice that they feel in love with it at their first sight. It was Pandora. “Pandora, what a nice name it is. It is also a very nice necklace.” “Yeah. I like it.” Jane and June immediately went into the shop and bought two identical necklaces. Every necklace had a nice and delicate box. “these two necklaces are the symbols of our friendship. We must wear it this Pandora necklace every day.” Jane said to June. June smiled and said: “ok, I promise.”
Wearing their beloved necklace, they entered their colleges. Because their busy study and their distance, they met very few times. When they missed each other, they would take off their necklaces and have a look at the Pandora necklace. Though this Pandora necklace didn’t have any magic power, it means too much for these two girls. The Pandora necklace indicated their friendship. It was their perpetual friendship.

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