Sexual Harmony (Keep High Sex Appeal in your Marriage)

Sexual harmony provides sexual satisfaction and emotional intimacy in marriage. Many marriages get fail because of sexual dissatisfaction. It not only creates stress in marriages but also develops lack of affection between couples. The importance of sexual harmony in relationship should not be overlooked by you because you need to keep concentrating on this key issue for having healthy long term marriage.

There are few golden techniques that will keep cultivating intense sexual energy. So use these tips and keep high sex appeal in your marriage.

1. Sensual Lifestyle: You need to project sensuality in your daily life. Have you ever seen the seduction of 1980s era? That time men move in their lives with masculinity and on the other hand women were more feminine.

Here I am giving you few golden tips that will create extreme attraction for you always.

Appear with hard cash most of the time when you are with women.
Keep emotions in control. Your coolness in anger will be more dangerous than yelling.
Be slightly overdressed. Use coats and jackets. Slight overdressing always creates high sex appeal.
Use alpha body language with deep voice. (You can learn these both things)

These manly sensual traits Swill not only keep high sex appeal in your marriage but also make your wife crave you sexually more than ever before.

2. Extreme Sexual Pleasure: You can not add sexual harmony in your relationship without giving your wife extreme sexual pleasure. Sensuality and romance in marriage have got their own places in marriage but when it comes to extreme sexual pleasure, you need to do wild love making with your wife.

A sexually aggressive man dominates her woman most of the time because his little sexual aggression always provides extreme sexual pleasure to her wife and keeps high sex appeal in marriage.

“Your sexual aggressiveness will make her sexually surrender in front of you and she will worship you like a sexual god.”

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